Firstly, it's something of a myth that repossessed properties (or "repos") are necessarily very much cheaper than similar homes being sold in the "normal" way - particularly now, with supply lagging so far behind demand. After all, just like anyone else, lenders disposing of properties in this way are keen to get the best price they can. 

I assume you're referring to the fact that since Easter, it has become possible for people to cash in their entire pension pot, to spend it how they will. And certainly, there has been a fair amount of speculation that quite a lot of them may choose to spend it on property.

Some may experience problems when they want to buy a house which has been subject of a recent subsidence claim,

Bat populations in the UK have declined dramatically during the past century. Many roosting sites and feeding grounds have been destroyed, 

The important factor to remember here is that estate agency is essentially a people business. As such, having a good relationship between client and agent is critical.