If you are currently a home owner and need to sell your existing property in order to make your onwards purchase, the first thing you will need to do is put your property on the market. We would recommend you invite three local reputable independent agents who have extensive local knowledge of the area.

Well, that rather depends on your point of view. Granted, living in a listed property brings certain responsibilities, which put some people off the idea. You obviously can't just do whatever you want to the place, and for some, this is tantamount to an infringement of their civil liberties.

Whilst there is no legal requirement for you to make a will it is highly recommended once you have purchased a property, whether you are single buying on your own or with a partner or spouse.

Unfortunately, it's about as big as it gets.. That is if it is not dealt with correctly by you, and explained by your agent. Japanese Knotweed is one of the most, if not the most, invasive plant species in the country, capable of doing all sorts of serious damage to buildings.

As part of our ongoing support for our 2015 Charity of the Year,Trinity Winchester, some of the Belgarum ladies donned their running gear to participate in the Rye or Dye 5k colour run at Stansted Park.

Where legalities are concerned, you really should be asking a solicitor. That said, however, our understanding is that you basically own half the thickness of any party wall - so as far as minor, everyday things are concerned, 

An acquaintance of ours recently said that they had received what looked like a hand-written note from a local estate agent. In actual fact it was just another flyer. They wanted to know if this was allowed, and is there any way to stop agents' junk mail?

When an agent has been to give you a market appraisal and says they have an applicant who wants a property just like yours they may ask to do a "one-off viewing". It's entirely up to you whether you take them up on this offer, but there are a couple of issues you might want to consider first.

If you're considering selling in the imminent future it is pretty safe to say not.

The majority of completions do actually tend to happen on a Friday and the last Friday of the month is generally the busiest of them all. Yet, there is absolutely nothing to say completions must or should happen on a Friday.