So the Belgarum Fundraising team have faced a number of challenges this year when trying to create the ultimate fundraising challenge to support our elected Charity of the Year, Key Changes Music Therapy.

We tried to run through mud and obstacles but they cancelled it, we tried to hike from one Cathedral to another and we came down with nasty bugs! So, this is definitely third time lucky! With one last chance we have decided to go all out, throw caution to the wind and undertake an ultimate 24 hour Cross-Trainer Challenge! 

With the help of the Racquets and Fitness Club in Fulflood we will be taking on the challenge to continuously keep a cross trainer moving for 24 hours. They have kindly lent us their gym, gym equipment to undertake this challenge and also their support, so huge thanks to Billy, Ian and the team there! 

So, why are we putting ourselves through this, well its all in the name of charity and ours this year is Key Changes Music Therapy. This local, Winchester based charity focuses on providing music therapy to people across Hampshire. They enable those who have difficulty communicating to find a ‘voice’ through the power of music and music-making, helping them to connect with those around them, and to reach their potential. Carers and families of those referred witness the positive impact that music used therapeutically has on their emotional wellbeing and overall development.

This challenge is one that will test our limits due to the sheer magnitude of the task in hand and also test our stamina to stay awake throughout the night. Working as a team together we hope to get through this in high spirits and we will continue to keep everyone updated using social media.  

Our aim is to raise as much sponsorship and awareness as possible through taking part in this event, with the Belgarum team being made up from staff in both our Sales and Lettings office we hope to be able to make a real difference. As local members of the community we enjoy working with those around us that are in need of a helping hand. Events such as this enable us to work hard to raise much needed funds for the charity we support and we hope to help them as much as we can. 

Should you like to support Key Changes and Belgarum with this challenge then please head to our fund raising page  we would be very grateful for any support.