As you may already know this is the 58th year the Round Table undertook the task to put on a magnificent display and they did not disappoint! The Round Table members worked hard in the build up to the day, selling tickets and organising the event, then the hard work really began. The build and event were clearly a lot of work and these guys gave up a long weekend to put on this spectacular display!

Belgarum were proud to have 5 members of the team volunteering to help at the event and our two directors gave up their entire weekend to help build and break down the event! The rest of the Belgarum team were responsible for selling the torches and children’s torches throughout the evening. These were a great success and, as always, ensured that the high street looked mystical and magical. 

We would like to offer our congratulations and thanks to the members of the Round Table, as the event was such a fantastic success and a great time was had by all.

However, it’s not just the success or enjoyment of the evening that matters, this year the Round Table with the help of those who attended and gave generously, have managed to raise £50,000 to benefit a number of charities in and around Winchester!!!

This has to be one of the biggest totals Winchester Round Table have managed to raise and we want to offer our congratulations to them for the event and also the amazing amount of money that they have raised for charity.