Here at Belgarum we often see the number of buyers and sellers approaching us at this time of year increases therefore if you would like to sell your home we have put together our three top tips to help you get on the move!  

Make Improvements 

First impressions really do count! There are often small things which collectively can improve the viewing experience for a potential buyer. Subtle improvements such as de-cluttering, removing stains on walls or carpets, and tidying the garden can positively sway a buyer’s impression of the property.

Engage a Solicitor now 

The most common frustrations within the legal process are associated with the lack of title deeds, which leads to unnecessary delays in preparing the contracts and at the start of the transaction. The best approach is to instruct a Solicitor as soon as possible and provide them with the information they require quickly to ensure that the process can continue in a timely fashion. 

Try to be accommodating

When Estate Agents call you to book appointments try to be as flexible as possible, as the winter months draw closer and the clocks change we have limited light. The best viewings are those which make the most of the available daylight and also not necessarily taken during rush hour. 

So, if you want to be hosting your festive feasts in new surroundings then do not waste any more time, contact Belgarum Estate Agents today. We will be able to undertake a property valuation and provide you with all the information, marketing strategy and advice to help get you moved by Christmas. For more information contact us on 01962 844 460.